this page contains frequently asked questions.

children’s party

Can I have a party with you without a booking?

no, that is not allowed. Throwing a party is only possible if you have a booking. you don’t have a booking? You can book a party easily & quickly via our booking system.

we would like to book a party online, but the date is not clickable.

if the desired date is not clickable, there is no option for that day. It is not allowed to have a party on jeugdland without a booking.

we would like to book a specific workshop / activity, but it is not visible on the desired date & time slot.

unfortunately it is not possible in that time slot. It is possible that another time slot has the desired offer.

Can I book for more than 15 kids?

No, we do not accept parties with more than 15 children. We have a limited number of seats at the table and all workshops have a safety limit of 15 children per workshopmaster.

what is a lemonade table?

if you book a children’s party with us, a lemonade table will be available for you, where you will receive unlimited lemonade. You can book a workshop, activity or catering, but that is not necessary. At a lemonade party you only invite children. If you want to invite parents or other family members, you will have to book a family party.

I have booked a party, when can I send out the invitations?

As soon as the booking has been confirmed, the invitations can be sent out as far as we are concerned!

on which days can I book a party?

The available days are listed in the booking module.

For how long is a lemonade table booked for

you book a lemonade table for a time slot (3 hours).

Can I come earlier than the agreed starting time to decorate the table, for example?

no, there is a fixed time slot and then the table is available. before and not after that.

Can I organize or hire an activity myself, for example a clown, face painter, bouncy castle, laser game, bubble football, etc.?

no, that is not allowed.

catering and refreshments

Is it allowed to consume food and drinks you bring yourself?

it is allowed. Have you thought about bringing your own crockery? NB! jeugdland is an alcohol-free area. we toast with lemonade. consuming alcohol is not permitted. heating & cooling food is not possible.

Can we have pizzas or fries delivered?
no, only catering you bring yourself is allowed

Do I have to book catering in advance?

yes, you can book your catering wishes in the booking system. Still catering after booking? please send us an email with your wishes no later than 7 days in advance.

does jeugdland have a restaurant?

yes we have a bar! here you can order coffee, tea, cold drinks and snacks.
almost everything is homemade and, if possible, from our own garden. For opening hours, check the information page. You can only pay by card at the bar.

booking a party

How do I book a lemonade party?

We handle all requests for children’s parties via our booking system on our website.

How many days in advance can I book a party?

You can book a party via the system from 5 days to +/- 60 days in advance.

when is the party confirmed?

After payment the party is finally confirmed. you will receive a confirmation email with further information.


when do I have to pay?

you can pay immediately. It is also possible to first take an option (temporary reservation). the option expires if no payment is received by the specified date.

the temporary reservation has expired, what now?

Unfortunately, your lemonade party is no longer in our system after the payment link has expired. If you want the party to continue, you will have to make a new booking.


is the table decorated?

the picnic table is not decorated. There is a crate with jugs of lemonade & cups ready for you.

Can I bring my own decorations?

You can decorate the lemonade table yourself with streamers and balloons, as long as you keep it on a leash! what is NOT allowed: confetti (cannons), (water) balloons or other decorations that may be left behind in nature. Don’t forget to take your own decorations and (plastic) rubbish with you afterwards.

family party

what is a family party?

a family party is a party for children and adults. a small family party is up to 15 people. a large family party is possible for up to 35 people. A family party must be booked in advance.

changes for lemonade/family parties

How far in advance can I change/cancel the party free of charge?

You can cancel the party for free up to 7 days in advance. You can report any changes in the number of children up to 48 hours in advance. If you want to change the booked program, you must contact us at least 1 week in advance by email

I want to come with more children than booked?

minor changes with a maximum of 15 children in total must be reported in advance via At least 48 hours in advance.

weather conditions

it rains! can we go in?

In bad and cold weather there is a lemonade table available in the pavilion. also as
you’re sitting outside and the weather suddenly changes.

Will the activities and workshops continue in bad weather?

The activities and workshops largely take place outdoors and are often partly covered! If the weather is really bad, there is always a solution, don’t worry. The show must go on!


I have booked a party, where can I park?

Please check contactpage for info.

other questions

I still have a question. how can I contact you?

In order to answer your question properly and completely, it is best to send an email. Our email address is